101 Blogging Tips is an ebook by professional blogger and digital publisher Tristan Higbee. Tristan has been blogging for nearly a decade and this ebook condenses his most essential nuggets of blogging wisdom into one easy-to-digest package.

The ebook costs only $2.99 via Amazon. Inside the ebook are links to the FREE PDF and audio (MP3) versions of the ebook. That’s right — that $2.99 gets you access to the ebook in Kindle, PDF, and MP3 formats. On the last page of the Kindle ebook I tell you how to easily get those versions.

If you don’t have a Kindle, don’t worry. You can buy the book on Amazon and then read it right away in your browser using Amazon’s free Cloud Reader. That’s also how you’d find out how to access the PDF or MP3 versions if you don’t want or need the Kindle version.

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